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The Legal Implications of DHL Delivery Truck Accidents in Rancho Cucamonga

DHL is a competitor of FedEx and UPS, delivering approximately 1.8 billion parcels per year. The company was founded in San Francisco in 1969, and in 2002, they were fully acquired by Deutsche Post, a German-owned multinational package delivery company.

In 2007, DHL opened its sixth US International Gateway in Riverside, CA, which is about a 30-minute drive from Rancho Cucamonga. This new gateway was designed to boost service to and from Asia-Pacific and the western US. Having a major distribution center close by means that Rancho Cucamonga receives a lot of DHL delivery truck traffic every day.

Compared to other major delivery companies, DHL has a pretty good recent safety record. Over the 24 months leading up to February 2023 (when this article was written), the company had no fatal crashes reported to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). But even safe companies make mistakes, and over its history, DHL has had its share of serious accidents.

When someone is injured in a DHL delivery truck accident, it can be more difficult to pursue a claim than with a standard auto accident. Commercial truck crash cases that involve large corporations are far more complicated because you are going up against well-funded legal teams whose job is to minimize the amount of damages that they have to pay.

In a situation like this, it is absolutely crucial to work with an experienced DHL truck accident lawyer. Rancho Cucamonga and other cities near the company’s international gateway in Riverside are areas where crashes like these are more likely to occur. And getting an attorney working on the case gives those who have been injured the best chance of recovering fair compensation.

What Causes DHL Delivery Truck Accidents?

Large delivery truck accidents are most often the result of some type of driver error. This could be negligence on the part of the DHL truck driver, another driver involved, or a combination of the two. Some of the more frequent causes of large truck accidents include:

  • Speeding: DHL drivers have tight deadlines to meet, and in order to stay on schedule, it can be tempting to break the speed limit. But speed limits are there for a reason and exceeding them vastly increases the chances of a crash. To make matters worse, crashes at higher speeds typically result in more serious injuries.
  • Reckless Driving: Excessive speeding is one common form of reckless driving that truck drivers sometimes engage in. Other examples include running stop signs or red lights, dangerous and/or illegal passing maneuvers, and failure to yield the right-of-way.
  • Distracted Driving: Motorists are more distracted than ever before, especially since the advent of smartphones. Today, far too many drivers are tempted to send and read electronic messages while driving, which takes their focus completely away from the road. It is especially hazardous when large truck drivers are distracted because a fully loaded tractor-trailer can weigh up to 80,000 pounds and can do serious damage if it is involved in a crash.
  • Driving While Intoxicated: In order to cope with the stress of trying to meet tight deadlines, some truck drivers turn to alcohol and various types of narcotics. It is well-known that chemical impairment on the road is extremely dangerous because it puts motorists into an altered state in which they typically exhibit unsafe driving behaviors.
  • Fatigued Driving: DHL and other large trucking companies have drivers on the road at all hours of the day and night. Their drivers typically work long hours, and it is not uncommon for them to become drowsy or fatigued at times. When this happens, there is a risk of falling asleep at the wheel, but even if that does not happen, a drowsy/fatigued driver’s peripheral vision is limited, and they have slower reaction times.

In many instances, outside factors play a role in either causing or contributing to a vehicle accident. When it comes to large trucks like those that DHL uses, some of the most common examples include:

  • Poor/Inadequate Training: DHL delivery truck drivers are required to have a valid Class-A CDL license, and they must be properly trained to follow all applicable laws and regulations. But because of driver shortages, supply chain problems, and other issues in the commercial trucking world, drivers are sometimes rushed into duty without adequate training.
  • Overloaded/Improperly Loaded Trucks: In a rush to get the trucks loaded up and back on the road, workers at facilities like the DHL distribution center in Riverside sometimes load the trucks unevenly and/or fill them beyond their weight limits. This makes them more susceptible to accidents such as rollovers or getting flipped onto their sides.
  • Inadequately Maintained Vehicles: DHL trucks typically log hundreds or even thousands of miles on the roads each month, and much of those miles are spent in heavy, stop-and-go traffic like we often see in Rancho Cucamonga and throughout Southern California. Because of such heavy use, it is very important that these trucks are properly maintained in order to stay safe on the roads.
  • Defective Vehicles/Vehicle Parts: Some DHL delivery truck accidents could be caused by a vehicle defect. Examples include brand-new tires that blow out on the highway or new brakes that fail in the middle of heavy traffic. When this occurs, those who are injured in the crash may be able to file a product liability claim against the designer, manufacturer, or distributor of the faulty product.

Pursuing a DHL Delivery Truck Accident Claim in Rancho Cucamonga

As we talked about earlier, pursuing a truck accident injury claim against a large company like DHL can be an uphill battle. Their legal team will be doing everything they can to undermine your case, so you cannot afford any major missteps.

The first thing to do immediately after a Rancho Cucamonga DHL truck crash is to get medical attention. Even if you do not feel like you are injured all that badly, you need to see a medical professional as soon as possible.

Some vehicle accident injuries take a while to manifest themselves because of the adrenaline rush that injury victims experience which masks the pain, so you want to make sure to see somebody in order to find out if you have any injuries like this. In addition, you will need full medical documentation to show the extent of your injuries for your legal claim.

Here are some other things to keep in mind about DHL delivery truck accident claims in California:

  • Be careful who you talk to and what you say about your accident. The other side will be looking at all of your statements about the accident to try to poke holes in your credibility and undermine your claim. For this reason, it is best to never give any recorded statement to their insurer without first speaking with an attorney. You should also stay silent about your accident on Facebook and other social media platforms because whatever you say online can be uncovered and used against you.
  • It is best to gather as much visual evidence as possible. Photos and video footage of the crash and accident scene are some of the best pieces of evidence that can be used in a commercial truck accident claim. If possible, take multiple photos of the scene, and be sure to save any video footage that you may have.
  • Get eyewitness statements and testimonies as soon as possible. Memories fade and stories can change over time. If there are any individuals who witnessed the crash, try to get recorded statements from them at the scene. At the very least, obtain their contact information so your attorney can follow up with them.
  • Police reports are not always accurate. Although the police will create an official report of the crash, you should create your own report as well. Write down in as much detail as possible what happened, or if you are unable to write, make an audio recording with your smartphone. Once the police report is available, review it and identify any inaccuracies that exist.
  • California is a pure comparative fault state. It is important to understand that California applies a pure comparative fault standard to personal injury claims. This is good news in one respect because injury victims can still recover damages even if they are up to 99% at fault for the underlying accident or event that caused their injury. But the bad news is that if you are found to be partially liable, your damage award is reduced in proportion to the percentage of fault you share.
  • Obtain strong legal counsel ASAP. If you were recently in a DHL delivery truck crash, you can be certain that their legal team is already hard at work on their case. This is why it is strongly advisable to get in touch with an experienced truck accident attorney as soon as you can. Your attorney will go to work right away to build a strong case on your behalf that is geared toward recovering maximum compensation.

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