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The team at Muhareb Law Group has extensive experience with brain injuries related to auto accidents. Our office is constantly reviewing the latest medical narrative, discussing long-term effects with Southern California-based physicians, and educating personal injury lawyers in this field.

Are you suffering the long-term health effect of a recent an undiagnosed brain injury?

Head injury, also referred to as traumatic brain injury, head trauma, or concussion, is any trauma to the head that leads to injury of the scalp, skull or brain. The most common cause of head injury or brain injury in California is vehicle accidents. Brain injuries are extremely serious and often require immediate medical attention. Traumatic brain injury may permanently impair a victim’s thinking, language, and behavior. Long-term or permanent care may be needed as a result of traumatic brain injury.

Medical studies, including research from leading Brain Injury Research Centers, are being released with increasing frequency. The team at Muhareb Law Group is constantly reviewing the latest medical literature and looking for ways to help our Clients get the best medical treatment.

Brain Injury cover color
Brain Injury cover color

Attorney Mohammad understands that the victims of traumatic brain injury often do not even realize they have a brain injury. If you believe you or a loved one has a brain injury resulting from a personal injury accident, Muhareb Law Group will ensure you are receiving proper medical treatment and that the necessary steps are taken to prove in court that even so-called “mild” brain injury is real and serious.

Attorney Mohammad is an experienced personal injury attorney, fully equipped to ensure that the victims of traumatic brain injury receive full compensation. We have helped seriously injured clients recover significant and just compensation for personal injury claims involving pedestrian and auto accidents.

The most common cause of head injury or brain injury in California is vehicle accidents

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Mohammad Muhareb is a personal injury lawyer who handles cases involving a car, motorcycle and pedestrian accidents, trucking and ride share accidents. Mohammad Muhareb has experience working with all insurance companies and is not afraid to use that experience in his work on behalf of personal injury clients.